Relax Kids Magical Adventures - Brilliant Me (Age 8-11)

MAGICAL ADVENTURE CLASSES - BRILLIANT ME Relax Kids classes are fun and creative helping children become more resilient and improving their emotions. By giving children a toolbox of relaxation and mindful exercises from a young age, they will grow up with good mental health. Your child will learn skills that they can use for life: How to relax and improve their sleep ~ How to self soothe ~ How to increase their brain power ~ How to develop their self confidence and improve their sense of self ~ How to regulate their moods or emotions ~ How to manage stress and anxiety ~ How to be more focussed and concentrate ~ How to feel more positive, mindful and happy. It’s important to look after our friends and have fun! It’s also important to look after ourselves, keeping our bodies fit and healthy, as well as knowing how to relax and keep calm and how to manage when things get tricky and we feel nervous, upset, scared or angry. Its important to acknowledge how brilliant we are! This programme of classes are for children age 8-11 years old.


suitable for ages

8 - 5 years